Venue External Decorator Terms & Conditions

  •   External Decorator will have access to the venue as per agreed times during the décor session until an hour after the event ends (or an hour before the official curfew time). Please be advised that exceeding the timeframe will be charged as extra hours @R 2 000 per hour.
  •   Any décor/events company must supply all details of what will be used/set up details four (4) weeks before the event. The Venue reserves the right to refuse any décor / furniture that will not be in line with the Venue’s policies.
  •   The Roots package weekend weddings: the supplier will have access to the venue between 08:00 to 16:30 on the day before the wedding for décor set-up. Please be advised that exceeding the timeframe will be charged as extra hours @R 2 000 per hour.
  •   Service providers must bring their décor team to assist with the setup.
  •   All decor equipment (not supplied by Avenue on Iris) must be removed directly after the function. (an hour after the event ends). Avenue on Iris will not provide storage for any décor equipment.
  •   Avenue on Iris shall not be liable for any items lost after the function.
  •   Every service provider, sub-contractor, employee(s) of a service provider, and or subcontractor entering the premises takes full responsibility for his or her safety and the minors and or employees accompanied by them, including medical care and emergency assistance.
  •   The service provider shall not be entitled to paint, affix or attach any advertising sign, notices or other objects to any part of the building, floors, perimeter walls and fences or trees, without the prior written consent of Avenue on Iris first being obtained
  •   Only rose petals, bubbles, or biodegradable confetti is allowed. No paper, plastic, streamers, or polystyrene confetti is allowed.
  •   Nobody is allowed to go beyond the “no entry” signs. In general, keep to general safety rules.
  •   Avenue on Iris will not be held liable for the interruption of services such as electricity, water, and sanitary services at the venue. However we do have a generator on site.
  •   Avenue on Iris is entitled to charge an extra fee for allowing the client to bring in their furniture.
  •   NB: Subcontractors are subject to an additional refundable breakage fee payable in advance, to cover costs due to damages/ late setup and cleanup. The amount will be invoiced directly to subcontractors depending on the agreement. The remainder will be refunded within 10 working days after the function.
  •   Avenue on Iris expects Service providers to clean their working stations and the floor after they are finished and store all boxes safely away. Please do not obstruct any emergency exits.
  •   NB: R2000 Refundable breakage deposit will be added and refunded within 10 working days of the function Please sign the back of the form July 23

Venue External Decorator Terms & Conditions Third-party Supplier; Duly authorized



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