Venue Sound Terms & Conditions

DJs are only allowed to play music through their system until 21:30 (21:00) Thereafter our plug-and-play system can be used. No music will be permitted after 21:30. (Times may vary according to the Gazetted national curfew times)

All equipment not supplied by Avenue on Iris must be removed directly after the function. Avenue on Iris shall not be liable for any items lost after the function. It is preferred that a cable socket is used for floor safety
The vendor shall not be entitled to paint, affix or attach any advertising sign, notices, or other objects to any part of the building, floors, perimeter walls, and fences or trees, without the prior written consent of Avenue on Iris first being obtained. Please ask before duct tape or any other adhesives are applied to hold cables in place.

The Sound company/individual will be held liable for any Avenue On Iris sound and audiovisual equipment that is damaged or missing if they have used it without permission or assistance. You’ll be held liable should you adjust any settings on AOI equipment without permission or supervision.

Should DJs/Friends/Family members want to play through The Venue’s sound system, – Only aux cable play is allowed on The Venue’s sound system.
Music setup must be inside the hall, no speakers are allowed outside the fully enclosed areas of the building and no speakers facing outward in the doors. Music noise levels including bass level must be within the limit as determined reasonable by our staff and may not be heard outside the perimeters of the property to avoid being a nuisance to our neighbors.

  •   95 dB inside the hall is the volume limit and may not be exceeded.
  •   DJ’s and sound-related providers must have valid registration certificates from SAMRO.
  •   The Venue is entitled to charge the client for extra costs incurred if the third party overstepped their time limits.
    You are responsible for signing this agreement and forwarding it to the events manager of The Venue four (4) weeks before your event. All 3rd party suppliers must sign an agreement with Avenue on Iris, if 3rd party suppliers will not do so, they will not be approved as providers and as such not allowed on to the property, such will be communicated to the client for them to make other arrangements. For this reason, we require your participation and early response to facilitate the agreements in time, to avoid disappointment and problems. Third-party Supplier; Duly authorized



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