Avenue on Iris

Unexpectedly encountered among the Heatherdale agricultural holdings in quiet Iris Street, an avenue of pecan nut trees will lead you to where a picture of tranquillity appears before your eyes. Architecturally pleasing buildings are framed with a view of the Magaliesberg in the background.

You have the choice to enjoy the open air or enter the modern, graceful building and experience the relaxing atmosphere created by experienced staff. With us every person is special and we gladly listen to you and your expectations of a fairytale wedding, dreams of an unforgettable birthday celebration or proposed event for your company.

Confetti Bush

Theatre style 150
Cocktail 100

The Confetti Bush with its flowering garden creates a charming atmosphere for any occasion.

Ideal to serve as an outdoor chapel for your matrimonial ceremony.


Mopane Patio

Dining 100
Cocktail 100
Theatre style 150

Our patio offers the feeling of tranquil gardens nonetheless offers the luxury of indoor convenience with a ridge, lights and connected sound system.

Magalies Hall

Dining 200
Cocktail 220
Theatre style 220

An extraordinary venue with its classic brick arches that span the entire width of the room, adding a sense of grandeur.  Large double doors leading onto a spacious patio create an ideal entertaining area.

 Akasia Hall

Classroom: 60
Cocktail 220
Theatre Style 220

A sunlit, spacious venue.  Softly finished exposed brick walls create an elegant character. Environmentally friendly cooling system, quality audio-system and presentation equipment.


Aloe Lounge

A private lounge arranged with comfortable furniture.  Ideally suited to prepare before an event, refresh yourself and attend to your appearance in the grand mirrors.

Perfect for the Groom and his entourage to get ready on his big day.


 Protea Bridal Suite

Dining 6
Accommodation 2

The peaceful and romantic atmosphere in this room creates the perfect venue for the Bride and her entourage to tittivate before the special day. Air-conditioned,  fully equipped bathroom and kitchen to cater for all your needs.



The Garden


Beautifully landscaped gardens will invite you to stay and beneath tree branches quietly waving in a light wind, designer benches beckon you to sit down and enjoy the peacefulness.